The idea for The Dessert Trail came about when our daughter, GiGi, was about 12. She had been talking about owning her own bakery since she was very young. To try and nurture her passion for baking, we started taking her to different bakeries where she would marvel at how different many of them were, taking notes on décor and the different types of pastries each had – she even made notes on everything she sampled!

We started wondering why there were so many great bakeries, ice cream shops and cafes that we didn’t know about. After realizing how much fun it was to sample all these sweets – and how great it was to explore the state, the idea for The Dessert Trail was born. We want to give all these great small businesses a platform where they can showcase their specialties and draw families from all over the region, while giving families a fun quest to complete together! You can reach us at info@desserttrail.com